Temple of Nerilous

Caves found around mining community
Found that the 1st wagon members had become zombies
Known Contacts
The Red Sorcerer
Other Creatures(details?)
Two paths yet unexplored:
single walkway
double doors, past room where we met The Red Sorcerer

I know DD set this up so I will add the GM notes to this and let him finish it up the way he likes.
Creatures found in the Temple – Level 1 were the goblins, goblin shaman’s, zombies of the mining teams.
Creatures found in the Temple – Level 2 – were gravehounds, goblin zombies (all sorts), death knights, flaming skeletons.

The party explored the entire cavern complex except for deeper exploration of the cistern (level 3) when the noises started.


Temple of Nerilous

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