List of NPCs

Lady Helen – Arcdale – Human owner of, and runs, the Trading shop. Strong dislike of Toby. Has discussed issue of Breton with Sered.

Captain Battlehelm – Arcdale – Dwarf Captain of the Arcdale guard. Tryn found that he also has a necklace with the glowing green stone given to him by Breton. Helped enforce group leaving Arcdale.

Kelos Beerbelly – Arcdale – Dwarf owner of, and runs, the Alchemical shop. Enjoys Toby’s company and fondness for big explosions. Has discussed issue of Breton with Toby but shows no cares one way or the other as long as he is left alone with his potions. Creating identical but unmagical necklaces.

Trent – Outside Arcdale – One of the leaders of bands of hunters outside Arcdale. Discussed issue of Breton with Katherin. Strongly influenced by and defers to Katherin.

Toes – Outside Arcdale – Halfling ranger with Trent’s company. Mostly successful in helping the party reach Witchlight.

Ofeen – Witchlight Hamlet – Human Cleric of Cathos and leader of hamlet. Had the group successfully defend the hamlet against a raid from the Red Talon humanoids.

List of NPCs

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