Known Information


Alguard – home of the Knights of Cathos. The residents of the town are currently rebuilding the knights keep. The knighthood has a large scale recruitment drive running to increase the size of the knighthood in order to start attacking the Culuz and undead again. Alguard is located about 1 day’s foot travel north and east of Truscal on the northern side of the Truscal forest.

Arcdale – A refuge town on the northeastern side of the Aud Sea. The current Lord Mayor is Lord Brenton III, adopted nephew of the Knight of Cathos that helped build Arcdale from a fishing village into the refuge town after the Culuz invasion. Far enough north that the cold weather keeps them mostly safe from the Culuz, and only occasionally sees undead showing up. Built into the side of the Icespine foothills, the town has many different levels and includes a carved out port large enough for two boats to berth.

Citadel Battlehelm – A dwarven stronghold on the northwestern of the Aud Sea. Natural choke point from the continent and the Icespine Mountains that border the northern side of the Aud Sea.

Kerracan – The one time Capital of Andasum. It was supposedly destroyed when the Culuz invaded the dimension of Algia, but no one is certain. The Culuz citadel is believed to have been built on the ruins of the city.

Midian – A major city that did stand within the Great Plateau. No one has heard from anyone within the city for years. One of the Towers of Magi existed within the city. The Great Plateau has become so dangerous and wild since the Culuz invasion that not many have tried to reach Midian.

Shalik – Ancestral island home of the Elves. The island is located in the central southern region of the Aud Sea. It was once a tropical paradise of untold splendors until a battle between two towers of magi spilled out onto the island. In the 2 weeks that the ferocious battle spanned the island was blasted and destroyed by thousands of spells and turned into a desert wasteland. Despite the best efforts of the Elves on the island during that time to return their land to the lush tropical lands, all attempts have failed. Small pockets of the island have been made livable but for the most part the island is uninhabitable.

The Cottage – A mysterious cottage inhabited by Argos, one of the immortals. The cottage is never in the same place twice but legend says it finds you when the need is the greatest. Inside the cottage, where time flows differently, one can find any alchemical item ever known to Algia and can see shadows of all the people who have or will visit the Cottage.

Truscal – One of the last cities destroyed by the Culuz. Rumors persist that the city still stands and is fighting back against the Culuz.

Witchlight Hamlet – A small village in the icy marshes to the northeast of Arcdale. Currently run by Ofeen – a human cleric of Cathos. The village was attacked by forces belonging to the Red Talons but was successfully defended by the party.

Zalgozar – A southern island in the Aud Sea which has been almost completely controlled by the undead forces, liches and vampires are known to roam freely across the island. Home of the DeWinter House and the Bloodthorns, both of these largely worship Korth-Yif and work with the undead.


Bloodthorns – An order of warriors (all classes) dedicated to Korth-Yif. Main base of operations is on Zalgozar. They have a long standing blood feud with Order of Cathos. Known to wear dark ornate armor.

Deatheaters – A group of people dedicated to wiping out of the undead threat that is in Algia. This group consists mostly of divine natured individuals but accepts those of all backgrounds. They have a suspicion of any wizard volunteering to help due to the influences of the necromancers and archliches that continue to drive and grow the undead hordes.

Kerracan Irregulars – Also known as the lost army, these human descendants of the one remaining division of soldiers that were on a long term scouting mission when the Culuz invasion began. This force has become a guerrilla strike army against the Culuz. Most of these men and women hold the honor of this army above all other things and look forward to a time when they can once again serve a true King or Queen of Algia.

Knights of Cathos – A largely decimated knighthood in the service of Cathos. Their current base of operations is in Alguard and they are working towards rebuilding. Current leader is Tri Dragonsbane, a Paladin of Cathos. Colors are silver and green. Most classes fit into the knighthood but by a large portion, Clerics, Paladins, Fighters, Avengers, and Rangers make up the greatest portion of the members.

Red Talons – A large tribe of humanoids in the Arcdale region that has recently started attacking the towns and villages of the region. Current leader is only know as the Chieftain and has been confirmed as being a giant. Confirmed races in the Red Talons are goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and bugbears. Often seen wearing armor with three or four painted red “scars” as identification.

Snakekillers – A loosely put together group of mostly criminals and a few volunteers that are dedicated either by will or by indenture to fight the Culuz. No definite colors or marks distinguishes this group.

Known Information

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