Algian Pantheon

Pantheon of Algian Gods

Cathos ~ Lawful Good
Cathos is often seen as an older man in green robes carrying a staff and sword. Other times he is seen as a wise librarian type figure. Areas of major influence are Healing, Justice, and Order. Most races honor Cathos in one way or another and almost all towns have a temple dedicated to him. The Knights of Cathos are dedicated to him. Cathos is brother to Korth-Yif, and certain myth’s contend that they are actually twins.

Jaros-Kin ~ Chaotic Good
Jaros-Kin is often seen as a towering human barbarian carrying a spear made of lightning. Areas of major influence are Battle, Storms, and Woodlands. Jaros-Kin has no dedicated group to him but multitudes of rangers and shifters, as well as elves call him as their deity.

Quril ~ Neutral
Quril is known as the Creator and the True God. There are many different aspects of Quril, both male and female, and of all races. Quril is only known as the Creator. Most Shamans and Druids honor Quril.

Korth-Yif ~ Lawful Evil
Korth-Yif is often seen as a tall warrior in blackened full plate mail and carrying a massive two handed sword with eldritch flames dancing along it’s edge. Areas of major influence include Death, Vengeance, and Power. The Bloodthorns are dedicated to him. Korth-Yif is brother to Cathos and certain myth’s contend that they are twins.

Nerilous ~ Chaotic Evil
Nerilous is often seen as emaciated troll in bedraggled cloaks wearing belts with many pockets. Areas of major influence include the Goblinoid races, Greed, Avarice, Corruption, Undead and Chaos. Most goblins, orcs, trolls, and gnolls honor Nerilous.

DemiGods / Immortals

Raknarius ~ Magic
Raknarius was the bringer of magic to the world of Algia. Legends and rumors say that he is a part of the original race that Quril created to help create the world once Quril was done. There are tales that tell of a tall non-descript humanoid that helps with magic or artifacts when people are in need that surface from time to time building the legend of Raknarius.

Z’than ~ Dwarves, Goliaths, Gnomes
Another of the immortals like Raknarius, Z’than is said to be the father of all the Dwarves, Gnomes, and Goliaths. The Dwarves claim that Z’than is still creating passageways deep within Algia and only turns to the surface in times of great need. Many dwarves and gnomes are currently questing for Z’Than to see if they can find and persuade him to return to the surface and help them against the Culuz.

Ferisal ~ Travelling, Boats
A third of the “known” immortals is the traveler called Ferisal. Like Z’than and Raknarius, he is described as a tall humanoid of no determinable race, with a weathered walking staff and an ancient stained broad rimmed leather hat. He is the patron of travelers and of sailing boats. Among the seafaring elves, there are stories of coming upon a very tall man in a small sailing boat that no matter how they try, even with the wind to their backs and their fastest ships, they can never catch up to him to confirm that it is Ferisal.

Argos ~ Alchemistry
Argos is believed to related to Raknarius and is one of the original immortals. Legends tell that after the creation of the world was completed, Argos and Raknarius travelled together to see what Quril and the immortals had created. Raknarius began to study and learn of the magic forces that now imbued the world and focused on exserting his will over them for control. Argos, on the other hand, looked around him and found many materials that could be combined to enhance and bestow magical qualities upon the new races. He is said to reside in a magical cabin that moves from place to place in the world. The legend continues that within this cabin you can find any magical potion or powder that has ever been created, for a price.

Langstan ~ Devas
Langstan is one of the “missing” Immortals. Not a lot is known about this Immortal other than he helped create the Devas. Langstan has gone missing for millenium, even the other Immortals have no idea.

Algian Pantheon

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