Lord Mayor Breton III

The current Lord Mayor of Arcdale and adopted nephew of the founder and first Lord Mayor of Arcdale, Lord Breton


A middle aged man, a little soft around the edges from being a politican more than a worker.


Not much is known at this time about the current Lord mayor.

- Most people in Arcdale refer to him as “The Brat”
- Has an uncanny ability to loan people money and then call in the debt at worse times to create a de facto work force of slave labor working off debts
- Has interests in local mines and timber production
- He was visibly upset when the party told him about the goblins in the temple of Nerilous and banned the party from Arcdale
- He was found to have a mysterious necklace that has the same glowing green stones from the temple of Nerilous.

Lord Mayor Breton III

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