Lands of Algia 4E

Session Five

A summary of the fifth session

In order to just catch up on the action here is a summary of everything that went down

1 – The party began fighting the undead and quickly took out the shamans but could not stop the
flow of undead in these catacombs. The warpriest figured out that the braziers were actually feeding the undead and allowing them to come after the party. They then setup a box around the warpriest as he used a blessing of Cathos then doused the flames to stop them. The strategy worked excellently and in a few minutes the last undead collapsed as the final fire went out.

2 – The party, after looting everything they could, finished mapping out the catacombs, finding a stairwell down into a cistern. At the cistern, they investigated and found a large supply of noxious green glowing gems. The group was able to discern that these gems had been exposed to the evil necrotic magic for such a long time that they had begun to hold residual amounts. As they were leaving the cistern they heard splashing noises but could not determine from where and what caused it. They left the area planning on coming back to investigate further.

3 – The last area they came to had a locked and trapped door. The trap randomly teleported the individual who tried to open it and also set off a loud bell inside the room. It took the efforts of the rogue, wizard, and ultimately the Druid smashing the door down to get inside. As the party entered they discovered a powerful Gobliness shaman who was in the process of raising a group of death knights to finish of the party. Also in the room were two flaming skeletons that acted as guards to the shaman and the zombified bodies of the remaining transport wagon members. The fight was the most extreme that the party has faced and the Druid was almost killed twice, while most party members were downed a few times. Ultimately, the party did survive after the shamaness escaped. After the party took a moment to lick their wounds they discovered a huge trove of treasure that had been stored in this room which after further investigation began to look more and more like a war planning room then a ceremonial place of worship.

4 – The party found that there were more noises coming from the cistern so they blasted the walls of the stairwell and caused it to collapse, sealing whatever was down there. The warpriest began to sanctify the temple and the rest of the party packed up in preparation to return to Arcdale.

Thus ended the saga of the Temple of Nerilous – for now…



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