Lands of Algia 4E

Session 4

Or how I learned to hate 20's and wizards

Lessons learned in this session
1 – Wizards are really good at destroying minions
2 – Deva’s make great night lights
3 – My players can roll a 20 only at the most dramatic times

The party listened to the floor doors and heard some scratching noises coming from the opposite side of the door. Preparing for an attack most of the party went to the far side of the room and the rogue pulled the door open. When nothing happened or came out the party cautiously made their way up the doors which was an entrance to a long stairwell down into deeper caverns. Due to the lack of light, the Deva began radiating a soft warm light for the party to see down the stairs.

Many Barney the Purple dinosaur night light jokes were made at the Deva Warpriest’s expense

As the party made their way cautiously down the stairs they quickly found what was causing the scratching noises. There were dismembered hands manacled to the walls that were still trying to free themselves from the manacles, slowly scratching at the walls and the cuffs. The warpriest and the wizard both took a moment and felt the magick that filled this area. They both quickly found a strong sense of necrocrotic and the foul corruption of Nerilous. This now steeled the warpriest’s, a follower of Cathos, resolve to root the evil from this place. At the base of the steep stairs they came to a fork going forward or to the left. The party also noticed how much more damp and heavy the air was in these deeper caverns, and they also heard dripping coming both passageways as well as the scratching of the hands.

The party took a moment to look around at this junction and the druid, getting bored, leaned back against the wall to the right which triggered a secret passage to open up.

Remember those 20’s I was mentioning earlier, here was the first one on a Dungeoneering check.

After the passage opened they quickly decided to explore that direction since, in their varied thoughts, “All secret passages held good stuff.” The party lined up following the rogue as she made her way down and around the side tunnels. The party did not find anything other than a large figure eight that was probably designed more for hiding than anything else. As they were leaving the side passage and heading back out to the base of the stairs, the rogue felt the floor loosen and begin to give way. She quickly leaped back from the stone and watched it tumble down revealing a four foot wide pit that led into some body of water much further down.

And yes, she rolled a 20 on her Acrobatics check

The party decided to continue straight (what would have been a left at the beginning) and head down these tunnels. As the party moved along the southeastern side of the catacombs they found a number of natural caverns and more tunnels. They frequently ran into ambushes of gravehounds that seemed to be perpetually patrolling the tunnels. In one of the larger caverns they, literally, ran into a pack of zombies when getting away from a pack of gravehounds. The party used the same tactic as earlier by finding a choke point to slow the hounds down while the shaman, druid, and wizard began tearing into the zombies.

This is when the wizard rolled his 20 and cleared out 9 minion zombies in one blast – Just when I thought I had the party in a bind and would see them really have to slug it out.

The fight was finished quickly but the party was beginning to tire out so they took a quick break before continuing along the eastern side of the catacombs and swing around to the northern end. They came into a passageway that led to a huge room that had been carefully carved out of the rock. Within this room where two large mausoleums and a dozen large braziers with sickly green flames burning and noxious smoke slowly rising. The wizard and the priest both were able to note an increase in the necrocotic power emanating from the fires and the mausoleums. They carefully entered the room and began to examine one of the crypts and to their surprise found markings of Cathos, not Nerilous on it. The priest quickly moved onto the second crypt to confirm what he saw on the first, that they were corrupted resting places for the fallen heroes of Cathos when the first crypt door began to open and a large skeletal warrior came out with a number of zombies. That is when the party also noticed two goblins shamans with staves raised that glowed with the same sickly green glow as the braziers, chanting towards the crypts. Then the second crypt door swung open.

And at that point the entire party said, “Oh shit” simultaneously. I knew I had done my job that day.

End of Session 4



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