Lands of Algia 4E

Session 3

The fighting was fast and furious as the goblins attacked the adventurers. The strategy of setting up a choke point worked quite well as the goblins tried to pour into the cavern room and the heroes attacked each one as they charged in. There were a dozen goblin sentries and 2 shamans, one of which ran back down the tunnel and led the group to another larger room. This room had been man-made and carved from the cave since it was fairly rectangular in shape. Within the room were a number of fire pits for cooking or heating and had cleverly designed smoke stacks leading up and away from the caverns. Also in the room were a number of tables and benches.

The group caught up with the lone surviving goblin at the far eastern side of the room and quickly dispatched him. They then examined the room, wondering if the goblin was just running or if he had another escape route. The Halfling rogue happened upon a secret door in the northeastern corner, which once opened led to a stairway downwards and low chanting was heard.

The bestial Druid took off down the stairs in his bear form and the party followed after him, and interrupted a rather large gathering of goblins including a number of shamans and zombies. Up front with the 2 head shamans (or at least they were assumed to be with the big head dresses and standing next to an altar) was a large dusky blackish red skinned Culuz.

Upon seeing the adventurers, the Culuz looked down at the goblins and said, “Finish them” as he disappeared. Apparently teleporting from the cavern complex.

Another vicious battle began and ended quickly with our heroes felling all the goblins, and zombies quickly – which turned out to be the members of the caravan and the search group that the party was originally established by Lord Brenton to find and rescue. The 2 shamans put up more of a fight but eventually they were overwhelmed. The adventurers quickly took stock of the room and having fought in a number of pitched battles during the day decided to back out of the cavern and rest far outside and come back in to explore during the next day.

The group of would be adventurers stayed outside of the cavern for the evening and camped approximately 100 yards from the cave entrance. It was a cold uneventful night and despite the rainy weather as they awoke the party was ready to venture back into the caves to see what they could find of the Red Culuz Sorcerer and of the goblin shamans that were worshipping at the statue of Nerilous with the caravan drivers turned into zombies. The warpriest of the group, a dedicated servant of Cathos determined he needed to push on into the cavern to clear out the blight of Nerilous. The party decided to continue with him and see what they could find, some for coin some for experience.

As they worked their way back into the worship room of the cavern the party noticed that the bodies of the goblins they had killed the previous day were all gone. The shaman and warpriest also noticed that there were goblin sized tracks and drag marks all over the floors and they all headed to the one room they had not explored the day before.

When they returned to the worship room, they all examined the area where they saw the Culuz disappear. The wizard, Dil; the shaman, Katherine; and the warpriest, Sered, all searched the area and reached out with their minds to see if they could find anything that would indicate how the Culuz had disappeared and what was it doing here. After a number of minutes, they concluded that the Culuz was some kind of sorcerer and he had used some kind of teleportation spell that was triggered off a device that he carried. During this time, the Halfling rogue and the shifter druid wander throughout the room, looking for something to do, out of their minds with boredom.

The adventurers moved to the western door and after checking it for traps and listening for any discernable sound they cautiously entered the room. They found the room empty, save for a bolted shut steel door on the floor, like one would expect to find in a farmhouse cellar.



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