Lands of Algia 4E


Lands of Algia Session 01

The adventurers, having spent some time in and around Arcdale, a refugee town in the far north, found themselves in a difficult position as their adventure begins. They were all financially indebted to Lord Brenton III, the current Lord Mayor of the town. For various reasons they had needed money, and the Lord Mayor is always generous with his funds, except when it is time to collect the monies due. Sered, a Deva Avenger, Toby, a shifter Druid, Katherine, a human shaman, and Tryn, a Halfling rogue were encouraged while under great duress to accept a job entertaining Arcdale residents as combatants in the Arcdale Arena, a recent addition to the town under the Lord Mayor’s rule.

As these adventurers and others paying back their debts waited in the pits underneath the seats nobody really spoke to anyone. That early spring morning in Arcdale had been overcast and damp from storms coming in from the Aud Sea. The chill in the air had settled upon the contestants and no one was particularly happy about being here but they wanted to be done with their debt.

A hatch door to the arena floor opens up and the arena master came down into the pit. He is an older man, graying but still in good shape. He selected three humans and they grabbed their gear and head up the ramp to the arena. The heavy hatch door crashed back into place as the remaining debtors wait their turns.

Put on a good show for your people and we’ll see what we can do about that debt of yours. The memory of the money collector’s words came to these remaining eight as the first sounds of a fight were heard through the walls. And the cheers began from the crowds. And then the dying screams from those poor souls that got picked by the arena master.

Within a few minutes, the noises had settled and the arena master had returned looking for another group of “volunteers”. Everyone remaining noticed that no one returned with him. He selected a group of four including three humans and a dwarf. As if against their will they sullenly marched out into the arena.

The crowds came to life again with cheers and shouts, noises of creatures quickly followed them. Within minutes the master came back with a very badly beaten but alive duo, a human and the dwarf.

“You four, you’re the last to go. Give them a good show.”

Our adventurers, the final four, headed up into the Arena, preparing themselves for whatever surprises the master had dreamed up for the crowds. The inside of the arena was approximately 60 feet wide and about double that in length. The floor was hard-packed dirt and stone with a number of puddles from the previous days’ rain. The four quickly noticed that some puddles were bright pools of red blood instead of just rain water, but that was the only sign of the previous battles as the arena had been cleared.

The crowds began to cheer as the eastern gate, opposite of where the heroes entered, lifted and a squad of 6 kobolds came running out. They all had crude shortswords and small shields but they looked vicious enough that the heroes were momentarily surprised (( DM NOTE: My PC’s rolled for crap on their initiative and the kobolds rolled a natural 20 )). The kobolds took advantage of this and quickly attacked. The combat was joined and within a minute the advantage had quickly shifted to the adventurers. The group was finishing off the last kobold when the northern gate opened to release three huge wolves. The crowd seeing that the fight was not over renewed their cheering. The fight was much more intense against these wolves and the shifter druid had to assume his bear form to help fight but after a few more minutes the combat had ended, the adventurers wounded but all still standing.

After the combat was done, the crowds began to disperse and the adventurers went back into the pits. The other two survivors had already left. The Arena master let the group know that they had paid off half of their debt and to get out of the arena before he started thinking about new ways for them to finish paying it off.




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